Why Choose Centenary Shipping?

Why Use Centenary?

Centenary Shipping operates as a leading independent freight forwarder offering reliable, low-cost global logistics solutions.

We facilitate the transit of thousands of tonnes of import and export freight annually across a number of different industries, with a focus on high quality customer service.

Our Ethos

Customer Centred Service

Our rapidly expanding client base ranges from sole traders to public institutions to multi-national corporations. By applying the same dynamic, forward-thinking ethos to all of our clients we have maintained a 90%+ customer retention rate across industries including manufacturing, chemicals (hazardous cargo), scientific equipment, vehicle shipping and plant specialists, food and beverages, entertainment and electronics, sports recreation and many others. Our customers know they can get in touch with us even out of office hours for added peace of mind, and we do our best to ensure you’ll deal with the same account manager every time.

As an independent firm we have separate terms in place with all of the major carriers and hauliers, giving us more freedom when deciding who to ship with. Our only bias is to our customers and to providing them with the most economical and practical method of transit.

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Why Use a Freight Forwarder?

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Peace of Mind

In a nutshell, a freight forwarder will orchestrate and oversee the transportation of goods from one place to another. In effect, they will act as both a shipping manager and customs broker, undertaking all relevant documentation and logistics on the customer’s behalf.

Import and Export can be a minefield for the uninitiated, often with unforeseen costs. Using a freight forwarder mean you can avoid this. Here at Centenary we can offer you something more valuable – peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that you will have one expert point of contact always available. Rather than being forced to deal with a number of different firms and multinationals, we will negotiate with them on your behalf to ensure you get the best deal possible.

We have a network of partners across the globe and regularly ship to over 100 countries, across a multitude of industries.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Despite the upfront cost of using a freight forwarder, they will often pay for themselves when freight negotiations are factored in, and can certainly save you a few headaches along the way. 

Let us handle the complicated paperwork. A single mistake can be costly where customs is concerned. If your container is held up at the quay, the rent can run into thousands of pounds!

With fluctuating prices it is never a bad idea to get a comparison quote – even if just to reassure yourself that you are paying a fair market rate. We will happily quote absolutely free of charge on any shipment or parcel so why not give us a call?

More importantly, we only use the partners we trust. Your cargo is precious to us.

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